Insurance Excess and Collision Damage Waiver

Standard Insurance Excess

The standard insurance excess on all of our hires is £1000.  This may increase if:

  • You hold a driving licence from a country outside of the EU, Australia an New Zealand
  • You are under 25 and over 75
  • You have had 2 or more motoring accidents in the last 3 years
  • You are planning a journey with 3 drivers
  • You are planning a journey that is higher than average risk – eg: Glastonbury Festival

Collision Damage Waiver

The standard insurance excess can be reduced to £0 in the event of a collision by taking out Collision Damage Waiver.  CDW costs £18 a day.  Minimum £90.  Maximum £252.  This can be taking out any time up until the moment you leave us on the day of departure. If you take out CDW, we will only need a security bond of £500.

Collision Damage Waiver does not cover negligence.  Examples of negligence are:

  • Overhead Damage – for example if you drive into a low bridge or underground car park
  • Damage through smoking in the motorhome
  • Breakages to expensive fixtures and fittings in the motorhome
  • Putting the wrong fuel in the motorhome
  • Putting diesel in the water tank

We also recommend that you do not put anything hard, sharp or heavy in the overhead lockers above the dinette seats as something could fall out – not only is this dangerous to anyone sitting underneath, but it could also damage the table or window and these are not covered by Collision Damage Waiver.

Security Bond

We require a security bond of £1000 while you are away.  If you take out CDW the security bond reduces to £500.  The security bond is taken as a pre-authorised transaction on a credit card. The money is held on your account and automatically released by your bank on return of the motorhome.  There will be a charge to your security bond if:

  • There is damage to the motorhome unprotected by CDW
  • You are late back returning the motorhome
  • You smoke in the motorhome
  • You take a pet in a pet free motorhome
  • We receive a breakdown charge that is not caused by a breakdown eg. getting stuck in the mud

We hope everyone enjoys their holiday without incurring any charges and it is very rare that we need to make any charge to the security bond.  If you would like any more information on this, please call us on 01243 380000 or ask us for more information during your handover.

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