How-To Videos

chausson motorhome control panel. How-To instructional Videos
At LandCruise, we know that when our customers come to collect their motorhomes they don’t want to spend ages filling out forms, being shown where the bonnet release is located and how the blinds on each window works. No, they want to load up and get on their way.

So with that in mind, we have made a series of How-To Videos specific to each of the motorhomes on our fleet. They cover everything from how to rotate the cab seats to removing the toilet cassette, giving you more time to enjoy the things that really matter.

Motorhome / Campervan
 VW California Ocean View Videos
 Danbury Heritage 64 campervan View Videos
 Swift Select 122 View Videos
 Swift Escape 205 View Videos
 Swift Escape 502 Coming 2021
 Swift Escape 612 View Videos
 Swift Escape 622 View Videos
 Swift Escape 664 View Videos
 Swift Escape 695 View Videos
 Zefiro 690 View Videos
 Zefiro 696 Coming 2021
 Swift Escape 674 View Videos
 Swift Escape 694 View Videos
 Auto-Roller 707 View Videos
 Auto-Roller 746 Coming 2021
 Swift Escape 604 (Budget) View Videos
 Swift Escape 614 (Budget) View Videos
 Flash 656 (Budget) View Videos
 Flash 656 low profile (Budget) View Videos
 Travel Line 611 (Budget) View Videos