If you own your own motorhome or looking to purchase one, you too can benefit from the workshop facilities at LandCruise Motorhome Hire.

Our experienced workshop staff are available for:

Storage Sorry our compound is currently full.
Winterisation Hot and cold water systems drained down. This prevents freezing and damage. £25
Mechanical servicing

We undertake a full service of your motorhome.

This includes an oil change, replacing the oil and air filters, check levels, and monitor brake and tyre condition.

Report and rectify any faults found (subject to approval).

£100 + materials
Gas safety check Carry out a full test of the gas installation to ensure continued safe use. Report and rectify any faults found (subject to approval).  Issue test certificate upon completion. £45 + parts if required
Habitation and damp check Undertake a complete check and test of the main working parts of your motorhome.  Report and rectify any faults found (subject to approval). £150 + parts if required
Year-end valeting and cleaning service

Exterior wash and polish. (Small scratches removed)Interior deep clean, upholstery shampooed etc. (ideal before winter storage)

This is the same high standard as all our hire vehicles receive.

M.O.T. preparation and test

We undertake an inspection of your motorhome prior to M.O.T.

Report and rectify any faults found (subject to approval).

Obtain an M.O.T. test certificate from a local testing station.

£50 + MOT cost


Other works Please ask us for a quotation for any other works required such as:
Fridge repairs
Locating leaks
Heating repairs
Awning installation
Bike rack installation
Rear view camera installation