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Flash 718/718+ Vs Swift Escape 694

The Flash 718 & 718+ and the brand new Swift Escape 694 have similar layouts in that they both have a fixed rear island double bed, but they also have Read more »


New motorhomes for 2018!

Exciting News! We’ve just placed our order for 16 brand new motorhomes to be added to the fleet and available for hire in 2018. 6 brand new layouts all from Read more »

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Message in a bottle

What lengths have you gone to in the search for love? Placed an ad in the local paper? Gone on a blind date? Signed up to an online dating service? Read more »

Chausson Flash 656 comparison

Chausson Flash 656

2017 has seen some new additions to the fleet in the shape of 4x brand new Chausson Flash 656’s. The latest incarnation of the ever popular Flash 626 and 636 with a Read more »

How-To Videos

How-To Videos

At LandCruise, we know that when our customers come to collect their motorhomes they don’t want to spend ages filling out forms, being shown where the bonnet release is located Read more »

Collision Damage Waiver

Collision Damage Waiver

When you hire from us you receive fully comprehensive insurance cover, which includes an insurance excess of £750. You have the option to reduce this excess down to £0 if you decide Read more »

Swift Escape 686 versus Chausson Flash 636

Swift Escape 686 Vs Chausson Flash 636

Amongst the new model of motorhomes joining our fleet in 2016 are a 5 and 6 berth family vehicle. The Swift Escape 686 and the Chausson Flash 636. Both come in Read more »

Motorhomes V Campervans

Motorhomes v Campervans

The term motorhome and campervan is often used interchangeably, but there are differences. We’ve put together this graphic to highlight the main variances, and help you make the right choice Read more »

Landcruise Motorhome Hire stickers being positioned on new motorhomes

Getting LandCruised

We’ve got another 10 brand new motorhomes being added to the fleet for 2016, giving us now a whopping 48 in total! You may not realise it, but once we Read more »

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Motorhomes in the Movies

All 48 of the motorhomes on our hire fleet come complete with a TV & DVD player that will run off the vehicle’s leisure battery, meaning no matter where you’ve Read more »