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Message in a bottle

Posted on: Tuesday 1st of August 2017

What lengths have you gone to in the search for love? Placed an ad in the local paper? Gone on a blind date? Signed up to an online dating service? What about launching 2000 bottles, each containing a request for love, at beauty spots all over the UK?

No, me neither, but that’s exactly what LandCruise customer, Craig Sullivan, did whilst on a recent trip around the UK!

message in a bottleCraig decided to follow through with the idea following the loss of his wife to breast cancer 18 months ago.

He said he wanted to find someone for companionship and that he had been inspired by The Police song Message in a Bottle.

Writing on his blog, he said: “I decided to do something about it.

Using any of the normal channels for this sort of thing (dating sites, friends, matchmaking services) seemed clichéd or somehow less elegant, less noble in intentions than my own mind.”

He added: “So, armed with maps, tidal tables, a motorhome, 4G data, provisions and a week driving around the UK,  I might just be able to send them to beaches across the world.”

So far Craig has received 50 responses from women who were interested in knowing him, including one from Ireland and another from the west coast of Scotland.

Though this may seem like a modern day fairytale it hasn’t been all plain sailing, with many people criticising his matchmaking methods as elaborate littering and harmful to the environment. Craig stopped releasing the bottles as soon as he became aware of the anger they were causing.


Rhossili beach, Wales

Well we think it was a great idea and applaud both the imagination and romantic intention behind it, and wish Craig every success with finding the companionship he was seeking!