front view of a swift Motorhome and vw campervan. infographic

Motorhomes v Campervans

Posted on: Tuesday 8th of March 2016

The term motorhome and campervan is often used interchangeably, but there are differences. So what is best for you when it comes to deciding between motorhomes v campervans? We’ve put together this graphic to highlight the main variances, and help you make the right choice for your own travel needs.

infographic highlighting the difference between a motorhome v campervan. Motorhomes V Campervans

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Motorhomes V Campervans

The term ‘motorhome’ and ‘campervan’ is often used interchangeably, but there are differences. The most notable being the size, features and the amount of home comforts on board.


Motorhomes can have space to sleep 2-8 people. Overcab beds, fixed beds, drop down beds, bunk beds, king sized beds, dinette conversions, there really is an abundance of options with a motorhome. In stark contrast to the pull down seat of a campervan.


Usually wider and longer, motorhomes can house a lot more onboard features, but their increased size can make them difficult to drive and park. Small and nimble, campervans can be taken anywhere and you’ll never face any parking issues.


For all the incredible space saving amenities a campervan can offer it can never fully match the comfort and furnishings of a motorhome. You also don’t have the added benefit of everything being immediately available without the need to pack something else away first.


The size of a motorhome lends itself to a plethora of layout options. Do you want a relaxing lounge area, or a fixed bed, or is plentiful storage your priority? With campervans your choices lie elsewhere, such as do you want a vintage VW camper or a newer van with an elevating roof conversion?


Possibly the most obvious difference is that most campervans are not equipped with a full bathroom, and if they are, it will typically only be a toilet that is included. Most motorhomes will include an on-board bathroom that features a shower, hand basin, and fully functioning toilet.

Driving Licences

Being more similar in size to a regular van you will only need a B1 category driving licence to drive a campervan. Motorhomes come in such an array of sizes, and carry so many features, that the larger ones can go over the 3500kg weight limit, meaning a C1 category licence would be required.