exterior of 2016 Swift Escape 686 facing off against a 2016 Chausson Flash 636 landcruise family motorhomes

Swift Escape 686 Vs Chausson Flash 636

Posted on: Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Amongst the new model of motorhomes joining our fleet in 2016 are a couple of 5 and 6 berth family motorhomes. The Swift Escape 686 and the Chausson Flash 636. Both come in at under 7 metres in length and require only a B1 driving licence, but how else do they compare? Check out this great little animation and find out…

Find out more information on each of these motorhomes by clicking on the images below:

Swift Escape 686          Flash 636

Swift Escape 686     Chausson Flash 636

Click on the link to watch more vehicle comparisons and other informative videos on our LandCruise Youtube Channel.