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When going away in a motorhome or campervan for the first time it’s always worth your time to do some research beforehand.

Where do you intend to go? What campsites will you stay at? Are you going to book in advance or arrive on the off chance? What route are you going to take?

There are lots of useful websites and online directories out there to find the best campsites. We’re big fans of We even have our own customer recommended sites for you to browse!

But where do you go to get the more practical advice?

There are a number of options available to you. The similarly named, Camping and Caravanning Club, and the Caravan and Motorhome Club are the big ones. They offer a wealth of information, but the main focus is still their campsites, and the where’s rather than the how’s.

We think the best people to ask are the ones who do this full-time. The ones who are living their dream, who have given up on the rat race, bought themselves a motorhome/campervan and spend their time documenting their adventures in the form of a travel blog.

There are a whole host of motorhome/campervan bloggers out there to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites:

First up is our friend, Kat, or as you may already know her by, The Wandering Bird.


Wandering Bird

Kat quit her job in 2018 to travel the world. Since then she has explored 19 countries and travelled over 30,000 miles in her motorhome (which she bought 2nd hand from us!).

In that time she has also gone on to become an award winning blogger, and her website is packed full of travel tips, ideas, inspiration, and incredible photos.

A great resource whether you’re new to world of vehicular leisure or a seasoned pro.

Website icon Facebook icon @WanderingBird.Adventures twitter icon @Wandering_Bird Instagram icon wanderingbird.adventures

Other blogs worth checking out…

Blog About
Our Tour This blog will not only give you tips, advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and beyond by motorhome, RV or campervan. It will also explain how we retired early and gained financial independence so you too could engineer a similar lifestyle.
Motoroaming We are Myles and Karen, a fun loving couple who sold up, packed in and bought a motorhome to travel, seeking out new countries and explore their cultures. Travel has now become our way of life and we do this not because we want ‘to escape life, but for life to not escape us’.
The Overnighters Mel & Ryan Philpott are motorhome vloggers, and they document their adventures in a series of fun videos.
Our Bumble Our Bumble is a travel blog following us aka Craig, Joanne and our two dachshunds, Mac ‘n’ Tosh as we wander around Europe & BEYOND in a motorhome called Vin. You can find Country Guides, Practical How To Tips, Money Saving Ideas, our experience on Travelling with Pets, GPS Positions and Links to useful things like Wild Camping spots, Equipment Reviews and Your Travel Stories from other like-minded folk.
Life in our Van

Ever wanted to pack your bags, just jump in a motorhome and go off and explore Europe as a family? Well, that’s exactly what we (Catherine, Richard, Lottie & Libby) have done since September 2015. A normal family just on an extra-ordinary adventure!

Love Motorhoming We are Margaret & Shirley Seabury-Hart and we are crazy about motorhoming. We usually travel with our two little dogs, Boo the black mini poodle and Poppy the blonde cockapoo. We love to travel all over Europe, especially south in winter or north to the wilds of Scotland in the spring and summer.
Monty’s Travels Welcome to Monty’s Travels – the adventures of Donna and Phil, in Monty the motorhome.
Nomadic Dad I’m Andy, aka Nomadic Dad and at the grand old age of 36 I decided to start this site to chronicle my journey of the last few years to, hopefully, maybe help others who find themselves ‘lost’ in some way.

We asked some of our customers to go away in one of our motorhomes and write a travel blog. Here’s what they came back with…

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