lots of cars on the Arc de triomphe in France. infographic for driving a motorhome in france

Driving in France

Posted on: Sunday 7th of April 2019

Planning on crossing the channel in your motorhome? First time driving in France? Here are some useful tips on things to be aware of:

Driving in France - general infographic

Arrange your ‘Liber-T’ tag for use on French Toll Roads (Autoroutes) here



Essential Items Checklist

  • full driving license ♥
  • proof of vehicle ownership (V5C Document) or hire ♥
  • certificate of motor insurance ♥
  • headlamp beam deflector ♥
  • spare set of bulbs ♥
  • hazard warning triangle ♥
  • high-visibility waistcoat/jacket ♥
  • breathalyser kit

♥ = LandCruise provide


At intersections and junctions, the driver or a vehicle must give way to vehicles approaching from their right, unless otherwise indicated.


As you may expect, drive on the right, overtake on the left. Though be aware that where traffic is in lanes, vehicles may overtake on the right in slower moving lanes.

French Toll Roads (Autoroutes)

For long journeys the best and easiest way to get around is via the toll roads, called Autoroutes. But don’t worry, you won’t have to carry around a constant supply of loose change as Sanef now offers their Liber-T Tag to UK customers. It’s an electronic tag you place on your rear-view mirror, which is scanned at the toll points and the payment is taken from your bank account via direct debit a few weeks later. Easy.

Drink Driving

In France, the alcohol limit is 0.05mg/ml, though its probably best that if you are driving you don’t drink and drive at all, because if you are caught over the limit, the penalties are severe.


You’ll find that it’s often cheaper to fill up at supermarket petrol stations. Most filling stations will have automatic pumps where you can pay using your ‘chip & pin’ UK credit or debit cards. All our motorhomes are diesel, so make sure you use the pump labelled, Gazole or Gasoil.

Speed Limits

Road Dry Weather Wet Weather
Toll Motorway 130kmh/80mph 110kmh/68mph
Dual Carraigeway 110kmh/68mph 100kmh/62mph
Other roads 90kmh/56mph 80kmh/50mph
Built-up areas 50kmh/31mph 50kmh/31mph

Be aware, there are heavy fines for breaking the speed limits. If you’re over by 30kmh you can lose your licence. Over by 50kmh and your vehicle can be confiscated.