baby sitting in motorhome lounge. Motorhoming with Babies & Toddlers

Motorhoming with Babies & Toddlers

Posted on: Wednesday 13th of February 2019

For some, the idea of holidaying with very young children could be considered a punishment. Forever worried about disturbing the neighbouring hotel room with balling babies, the simple task of going out to dinner in a nice restaurant becomes a nightmare with tired or over-active toddlers.


Well, then a motorhome holiday is for you!

It’s a fact, kids love camping. They have all that space outside to explore and burn off energy, before retreating to a safe,  self-contained, not to mention ‘detached’, and cosy motorhome. You’ll also find plenty of holiday parks that have swimming pools and other activities to keep them entertained and happy all day.

As long as you’re prepared and organised before you leave, both you and the kids will be able to relax and enjoy yourselves, ensuring that you return having basked in some quality family time and made some magical memories together.

Here are our top tips on what to consider and what to take when motorhoming with babies and toddlers:

Child seats

Child-seat in a chausson flash 656 landcruise motorhome

The only vehicle on our fleet to offer Isofix fittings is the VW California. None of our motorhomes have Isofix fittings, so if you are bringing your own child’s car seat(s) make sure they can be fixed with a full seat belt. If not, don’t worry, we do have them available to hire as an optional extra.

Taking a pushchair with you?

landcruise Motorhome garage space for a pushchair. chausson flash 718

Make sure to hire a motorhome that has a large garage space. You’ll be limited for floor space as it is without a cumbersome buggy blocking the gangway. See our motorhomes with plentiful storage space.

Where’s the baby going to sleep?

Will baby be in with you, or will you be taking a travel cot? A vast majority of our motorhomes don’t have the floor space for a travel cot, so what I did was to lower the table in the dinette area and rest the cot on top. It was the perfect size and also meant that we didn’t have to disturb the little cherub when we decided to call it a night.

In the Flash 636 and 656, a child gate or bed guard can be installed in front of the bottom bunk. Make it nice and cosy with some blankets, pillows and their favourite teddy, and you’ve got yourself a good size space for a couple of toddlers to sleep without the worry of them falling out of bed in the middle of the night.

That said, most of the fixed beds in our motorhomes do have bed guards to prevent any unnecessay falls.

travel cots setup in dinettes of Swift Escape 674 and Chausson Flash 656 landcruise motorhome. Travel cots in a motorhome

Need to sterilise bottles?

All of our Swift motorhomes come with a microwave as standard. If you decide upon one of our Chausson models then you can hire a microwave from us as an optional extra. It’s important to bear in mind that you will need an external power source, be it electric hook-up or a 2KW generator, in order to operate the microwave. Alternatively, make sure to take some sterilising tablets and other such necessary equipment.

microwaveVisiting campsites?

Stay at sites that are kid friendly with good playgrounds, have electric hook-up, and decent washing facilities.

Book your first night

I’d recommend booking at least your first night away so that you can relax, knowing that you have a place to stay. Also bear in mind the time that you are picking up your motorhome and how far away your first destination is.

Ideally you want to arrive at your campsite whilst there is still daylight, so you can find your pitch and get setup. Nothing will raise the stress levels more than the kiddies feeding and bedtimes fast approaching and still not knowing where you’re going to stay.

Plan your journey

Make sure to plan stops on route to your destination. As well as a chance to stretch your legs and grab a coffee, it will give the kids a change of scenery and recharge them for the next leg.

Get everyone involved

When you are away, and if they are old enough, get the kids involved with helping to set up. If they’re anything like mine then they’ll love getting stuck in. Get them to fill the fresh water tank each time and they’ll soon learn not to leave the taps running!

What to take
Don’t forget favourite toys, books, & comforters
DVDs – ideal if you want a break for an hour or so!
Snacks and drinks
Travel cot
Baby sleeping bags
Off road pushchair
Bumbo type seat – ideal for meal times
Baby carrier to keep your hands free when taking junior out and about
Make sure you have plenty of milk and nappies for the duration of your holiday, or at least check that you can get hold of more provisions where you’re going, as not all Motorway Services cater for this.
A fold up clothes dryer. Means you don’t have to pack as many clothes and can just wash them as and when required
Take a gazebo or day tent. You can pitch this outside your motorhome and if you have gorgeous weather it’ll provide you with a bit of shade, or if it’s cold and wet you’ll have somewhere to store and dry muddy footwear / wet coats / pushchairs etc.