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Motorhome FAQs

Are motorhomes easy to drive?

Motorhomes are easy to drive, but different to a car. Take things at a steadier pace and try to anticipate braking and cornering to make the journey more comfortable and reduce the number of complaints from the navigators. There is no rush, keep your speed steady until you gain confidence. The following will help:

  • We’ll send you a link for all the How-to videos specific to the vehicle you’ve hired. One of which explains the controls of the Fiat Comfortmatic gearbox. We advise that you view these before arriving to pick up the motorhome.
  • LandCruise is located in the country within 5 minutes of the A27 so you won’t have to negotiate “city traffic” until you’ve built up your confidence.
  • The first thing you notice is the high driving position which gives you every opportunity to anticipate road conditions ahead; to judge bends and to brake in good time. There is plenty of height and recline adjustment to the seats and you generally adopt a more upright and relaxed driving position.
  • You are bigger than a car and need to move out a little to the middle of the road to avoid overhanging trees on the nearside and allow extra space to avoid cyclists and cars when overtaking.
  • All our motorhomes have power steering and large mirrors to help with manoeuvring. Take a bigger swing when manoeuvring, but you will be surprised at the turning circle, which beats many 4×4′s. Reversing is always best done with a passenger on the ground or for you to get out to check the situation before starting.


Do your motorhomes have seatbelts?

All of our motorhomes have high-backed seats fitted with three-point lap and diagonal belt seatbelts. These seatbelts can be used to secure most child seats. Some of our motorhomes have rear-facing seats around the dinette. These rear-facing seats have lap belts and not three-point diagonal belts. Please check the seatbelt options for each vehicle by looking at the product pages.  ISOFIX is available on the 2024 Auto Roller 707s and 746s.


Do I need mains electricity to run the lights and electrics in the motorhome?

All our motorhomes are fully self-contained in that all appliances (such as hob, grill, oven, hot water, heating) will operate from the propane gas we supply (cost £35 per 6kg bottle), whilst the onboard 12V leisure battery supplies the power to operate lighting, water pumps and so on.

All of our Swift motorhomes come with a Microwave as standard. This is the one appliance that will not work without an external power source, i.e. electric hook-up or generator.

However, all our vehicles have at least one domestic style 3-pin 230V electric socket which may be used to power your own 230V appliances, such as a hairdryer, laptop, mobile phone charger, radio/CD player. These sockets can only be used if the vehicle is connected to a 230V mains electricity supply such as on a campsite (this is known as a ‘mains hook-up’), or connected to a generator providing 230V.

If you wish to take and use your own 230V appliances and you are not going to have access to mains hook-up at your campsite location(s) then you will need to use a generator. Generators are available to hire from LandCruise.


How will I remember how everything works on the motorhome?

We will email you a link to all the how-to videos for your particular motorhome. We advise that you watch these and familiarise yourself with all the functions and features before you arrive to collect your vehicle. You will also be issued with a USB stick upon collection of your vehicle which has the videos on and can be viewed on the TV within the motorhome, meaning you can find out how something works as and when you require it.

Each motorhome includes a Customer Guide which covers most of the main elements of the motorhome such as the heating, hot water, electricity, the cooker, TV tuning etc, and offers some troubleshooting tips as well.


How long can I hire a motorhome for?

You can hire a LandCruise motorhome for as long as you like – if you are thinking of hiring one for more than two weeks, discounts are available.

In July and August, we have a minimum hire period of 7 days.


Will I be given a handover and shown how to use everything on the motorhome before I leave?

We will walk around the vehicle and do a damage check with you and can answer any questions you may have.  As we have provided extensive videos and manuals, we do not automatically provide a complete guided tour on collection.  If you would like this, please contact the office.  There may be an additional charge for a personalised handover with our team.


How long should I allow for the handover when I come to collect the motorhome?

Please allow 20-30 minutes from doing your paperwork to completing the damage check. Please also allow half an hour when you return.


When can I collect the motorhomes?

We are flexible about collection days. It’s your holiday so we’ll work with you. Please let us know when you wish to go, as long as it fits in with other hires, you should be able to collect your motorhome at a time that suits you. LandCruise is open most bank holidays. Standard collection times are 14:00 for two-week hires and 15:00 for one-week hires. All motorhomes need to be back by 10:00 so that we can clean, service and repair the motorhome as necessary before the next hire goes out that afternoon.  Please note we are closed on Sundays.


When do I have to return the motorhome?

The standard return time is 10:00 am. When you make your booking, we will discuss a return time. If you are going to be late for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. The hire insurance covers you until the agreed time, so if you are late and don’t inform us, you will be committing an offence. We may also charge you for being later than the agreed time.  Please note we are closed on Sundays.


Will the motorhome be warm enough to use in the winter?

Our motorhomes are fully winterised which means they can be used for year-round use. As well as the usual facilities like hot and cold running water and gas central heating, they have high levels of insulation in the floor, walls and ceiling. Both the fresh water and waste water tanks are internal to minimise the risk of freezing. Some of our motorhomes have a ‘garage’ storage area inside – perfect for drying off damp clothes at the end of the day.


Can I smoke in the Motorhome?

Sorry, but we have a strict no-smoking policy in our motorhomes.  That includes vaping.


What if we have a problem while we are away?

In the unlikely event that you experience a breakdown, our motorhomes have the benefit of RAC Breakdown Cover.

LandCruise will provide you with a list of emergency telephone numbers so that you are assured that everything possible is done to help you in an emergency.


Can LandCruise deliver/collect the motorhome?

Delivery may be available at an additional cost on long hires.  For information, please contact the office.


Do I have to pay for the fuel when I return the motorhome?

We supply the motorhome/campervan with a full tank of fuel and we ask that you return if full. If you bring back the vehicle without a full tank you will be charged.


Do you provide bedding and towels?

Bedding and towels are available as an Optional Extra – £30 per person per booking


What kitchen equipment is included?

We provide all your essential kitchen equipment such as crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, etc. See our What’s Included page for the full inventory


How to fill the motorhome water tank?

We provide you with a fresh water hose and a watering can so that you can refill your fresh water tank. Instructions for which will be included within your vehicle manual and a How-To video provided on a USB stick that can be plugged into the TV.


Do your motorhomes have air conditioning?

Only in the cab


Do your motorhomes have wifi?



Is it safe to drink water from your motorhome tanks?

The water is safe for making tea & coffee and brushing your teeth, but we wouldn’t recommend using it as drinking water.


How many miles per gallon do your motorhomes get?

On average you will get between 25-28 mpg, obviously dependant upon how you drive the motorhome. Heavy accelerating or braking will dramatically reduce this.


How do I stop cutlery rattling in a motorhome?

We find the best way to stop rattling in a motorhome, be it from cutlery, the grill pan, or hob cover, is to cover/wrap with a tea towel or item of clothing.


Can I take the vehicle out of the UK?

Yes. There is however an additional charge to cover your European Insurance and Breakdown cover


Booking FAQs

Can I leave my car with you?

On-site parking is available in our compound at the owner’s risk for the duration of the hire period.  The cost is £5 per day for one car and £15 per day for two cars.


What is included in the price?

Included in the price is Fully Comprehensive insurance for 1 driver with a clean driving licence. Upon collection we ask all our customers for a £1250 Pre-Authorisation on a debit or credit card. This is to cover us against any damage or theft. Similar to what you would do in a hotel. The money never actually leaves your account, but you will need to have at least that amount in there, as it holds it until a few days after you return the vehicle to us. The length of time it takes for the hold to be lifted (usually 4-5 working days) varies depending on who you bank with.


What optional extras are there?

We have a number of optional extras to help make your time away more comfortable. Visit Optional Extras to view the full range.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit of £250/300 per 7 nights with the remaining balance due 6 weeks prior to departure. If booking within 6 weeks of departure date you will need to pay the full amount up front.


What if I need to cancel the booking?

All booking payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. We recommend that you take out your own cancellation insurance. See our T&C’s for full terms


Legal FAQs

In the UK, the speed limits for motorhomes are not the same as cars. 70 mph is the maximum speed limit on motorways but on dual carriageways, the maximum speed is restricted to 60 mph and to 50 mph on single carriageways, unless there are signs which display lower or specific speed restrictions.


Do I need a special driving licence?

No. All of our vehicles are under 3500 kgs, so will only require a standard Category B licence to drive. European licences specify various maximum limits. Please check that you have a suitable licence before booking, as the hire will be refused and cancelled without a refund should this not be the case.

Overseas licences: even if you have a C category licence in your own country, by UK law you are only permitted to drive a vehicle up to 3500 kgs on the UK roads. For insurance purposes, the driver must be between 25 and 75 years old and have held a full licence for at least three years.

It is advisable to have your driving licence with you at all times when driving a hire vehicle.


How old do I have to be to drive a motorhome?

For insurance purposes, the driver must be between 25 and 75 years old and have held a full licence for at least three years. Anyone aged between 23-24 can be insured at an additional cost and increased insurance excess.


Can I have more than 1 driver?

Yes. As per our terms and conditions, you can have up to 3 drivers included on the insurance when hiring one of our motorhomes.


Can motorhomes go in the ‘fast lane’?

Yes. When driving a motorhome in the UK, they are permitted to use the outside lane of the motorway for overtaking purposes, just like other vehicles.


Can I sleep in a motorhome while driving in the UK?

No. It is illegal to sleep in a moving motorhome in the UK. If the motorhome is moving, it means that every passenger and the driver must be seated, with the seatbelt on. For further information on this law, see the UK legislation website.


Can I park a motorhome in a layby overnight?

Technically you can, but why would you want to? As well as road noise, there may be security concerns. Always check to see if there are any signs warning of potential charges. You, the hirer, would be responsible for any fixed penalty contravention or penalty charge notices that may be issued during your hire.


Can I carry passengers in a motorhome without seatbelts?

No. If the motorhome is moving, every passenger and the driver must be seated and with a seatbelt on. For further information on this law, see the UK legislation website.


Can I move around in a motorhome whilst it’s being driven?

No. If the motorhome is moving, every passenger and the driver must be seated and with a seatbelt on. The only exception to this, is when a passenger may need to use toilet facilities on-board the vehicle. For further information on this law, see the UK legislation website.

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