MotorhomeReturn Checklist

Before you return

Before returning your motorhome/campervan to us we would be very grateful if you could ensure that the following items have been addressed:

Be back on time

Return the motorhome to us no later than the time stated on your rental agreement to avoid a Late Return Charge (£100 per hour).

Clean throughout

Ensure that the motorhome has been cleaned inside and any washing up done.

A £75 charge will be incurred if deemed unsuitably cleaned.

Dispose of any rubbish

Please dispose of any rubbish before returning to LandCruise. Otherwise you will have to take it home with you.

Empty toilet cassette

Before returning to LandCruise please empty and rinse out the toilet cassette, leaving empty.

A £75 charge will be incurred if this is not done.

Empty grey water

Empty the grey waste water tank.

Fill up with diesel

We have a few garages near to us, located on the A27.

Fuel shortage will be charged for.
Please note this charge includes the time taken for us to take the motorhome to a filling station.

Return to the workshop

Return your motorhome to the workshop where you collected it from, not the office. A member of the team will meet you there.

Remove all belongings

Double check every cupboard, garage area, etc, as we can no longer keep any lost property. You will have to arrange a courier should any valuables be left, at your own cost.

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