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How to choosethe best bunk bed motorhome for you

What's the differencebetween the Auto Roller 707s

LandCruise has 12 Auto Rollers 707s on the fleet.  They range in age from 2021 to 2024.  Each year is slightly different.  So which one is best for your family?

Which is the cheapest?

The 2021 Auto Roller 707s are the cheapest on our fleet with hire rates ranging from £485 to £1000 per 7 nights.  3 to 4 night hires are also available in non busy periods.  Ask us for a quotation by phoning 01243 380000 option 1 or emailing





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Do you have any 6 berth motorhomes?

All of the Auto Roller 707s can sleep 6, but the majority only have 5 seatbelts.  We have a couple of new 2024 manual Auto Roller 707s with 6 seatbelts.



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Do you have any Automatics?

The 2024 5 berth Auto Roller 707 has an automatic gearbox.





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Do any have IS0FIX?

The new 2024 models have ISOFIX.  The only ones on our fleet that do.  All our other motorhomes have full 3 point seatbelts on forward facing seats.



Are they all the same size?

No – the lengths differ depending on the age.  The 2021 and 2023 Auto Roller 707s are 7.33 metres whereas the 2024 models are 7.12 metres.




Is there a dog friendly option?

There are dog friendly 2021 and 2023 Auto Roller 707s available on our fleet.




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Are the bed sizes the same?

The drop down double and the bunk beds are the same size.  It is the dinette conversion that differs:

Two singles
1.     0.58m x 1.63m
2.     1.05 m x 1.63m

One small double
1.25m x 2.16m

Are there any other differences?

The 2021 and 2023 Auto Roller 707s are Fiat.  The 2024 707s are Ford.




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