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Benefits of a Drop-down bed

Comfort & Space

Having a double drop-down bed is becoming increasingly popular amongst the motorhoming community. Manufacturers seem to be moving away from the traditional overcab double bed in favour of the drop-down, which is good for a couple of reasons;

1. You no longer need the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast to get up into bed

2. The motorhome gets a much more attractive and sleeker exterior profile

Other benefits of a drop-down bed include:

More space

The bed is out the way and doesn’t take up any space during the day.
Once you’ve awoken in the morning and sprung out of bed, you can just lift it back up, bedding included, and you’re ready for breakfast!

Auto Roller 707 (Manual) - lounge

More room to lounge

Depending on your particular motorhome layout, having a drop-down double bed means it frees up space in the rest of the motorhome for a lounge area, or simply affords more people to sleep in greater comfort.

Saves time

When it’s time to go to bed, you don’t have to worry about converting a dinette or making your bed, as it’s already done and available at the touch of a button (or by manually pulling down).

Added comfort

Drop-down beds come with very comfortable mattresses, and with them spanning the full width of the motorhome there is plenty of room, even for those of impressive stature.

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