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Where to pitch yourMotorhome

You have successfully managed to navigate your way to the campsite and pulled up at the reception to check-in.

If you pre-booked it may be the case that you’re shown straight to your pitch, but if you do get offered a choice, it’s well worth taking the time to decide where you’d best like to stay.

Here’s a handy checklist of things to consider when choosing a pitch.

Near the facilities?

People tend to split right down the middle on this one.

Some would rather be closer to the amenities for the convenience of shorter towel wrapped scuttles to the shower block, or quick & easy washing up trips, but this can also lead to more people walking through or around your pitch.

Others prefer to pitch a little further away to avoid the noise created by this increased traffic of people and for the added seclusion that it brings.

Where’s the kids play area?

A lot of campsites will have play areas for the kids, which is great for us adults as it affords us a few minutes of peace!

If you’ve got young children you may want to be within close proximity so that you can keep an eye on them from your motorhome.

The flip side of this is that there may well be lots of noise (not from your little cherubs of course! I’m talking about all the other kids), and at all times of the day, even after yours are supposed to be sleeping.

What’s the drainage like?

Let’s face it, if you’re travelling in and around the UK, the chances of it raining at some point are quite high, so it’s worth considering where that rainwater will go once it’s fallen to earth.

If you don’t have a hardstanding pitch you will want to make sure that it won’t travel through your pitch or under the path of your motorhome making the area boggy and causing a potential problem on departure.

Gimme Shelter

It goes without saying (though I am!) that campsites vary dramatically in their location and layout.

If you’re on a particularly exposed site or one that’s situated along the coastline, then you may want to be on the lookout for some natural windbreaks in the form of hedges, or other units.

Near trees, good or bad?

Campers will often pitch up near trees to avoid that feeling of exposure to the elements, or they’re looking for that bit of shade from the sun, as well as giving themselves more space from other campers.

That’s all well and good, but being so close to our wooded cousins does have its pitfalls. Large roots can make the ground uneven and uncomfortable to sit on, the grass is often poor because it’s protected from the rain, birds tend to perch, and it’s almost as if they’re trying to aim for your newly cleaned motorhome!

Also, not forgetting the fact that it can be dangerous to have a pitch under a tree if there’s a lightning storm, not least for fear of strikes, but also falling branches.

Find level ground

Finding level ground is important for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, so that your glass of wine doesn’t keep sliding off the table, and secondly, to make sure that your fridge works properly. Another reason is so all the waste water from the sink and shower drains away effectively.

All our motorhomes come supplied with levelling blocks (sometimes referred to as chocks) so that if you do find yourself on a slight slope, you can drive up on to the ramps to level it off.

You will also find a small spirit level onboard so you can check the position of the bubble before attempting to level the vehicle.

Ask for guidance

If upon arrival you have been shown straight to a pitch of the site’s choosing, and you’re not completely satisfied with its location, don’t be afraid to ask if you can be moved. It will obviously depend on how busy they are, but they will more often than not be only too happy to oblige.

If you do get a choice of where to pitch, perhaps seek advice from other campers who are more familiar with the site and get their take on where all the best pitches are.

It soon won’t be long before newcomers will be asking you for help!

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