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We all dream that we’ll have perfect, dry, sunny weather when we come to pick up our motorhome and begin our holiday. But, if like me, your ideal temperature, in said dream, is somewhere below face-melting, then you may find yourself becoming a little uncomfortable, shall we say.

No doubt then, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a few simple things that you can do to help keep you cool, and make your time away a little less ‘sticky’!

Here are our tips for keeping you and your motorhome cool during a solar assault:

Visit the coast

An easy one to start with, but naturally, it will be slightly cooler with a sea breeze.

There are loads of great campsites near the sea, all over the UK.

Position your motorhome

If you have a choice of pitch when you arrive at your campsite, look for some natural shade in the form of a tree or two, to park under.

If possible, you can also orient your motorhome so, for the most part of the day, the sun shines on the side with the least number of windows. This will greatly reduce the amount of heat that gets into your motorhome.

Cover the windows

It’s a good idea to close the blinds on all the windows and rooflights to deflect some of the heat away, and prevent the vehicle from acting like a greenhouse!


Ventilation is key to maintaining a reasonable level of comfort inside your motorhome. You’re looking to get rid of the warm air and replacing it with the cooler fresh air.

To improve the circulation of cold air inside the motorhome, only open the windows on the shady side of the vehicle, keeping the others on the sunny side shut.

Take a Gazebo

None of our motorhomes come with awnings, so an effective way of creating your own bit of sheltered real estate is to take with you a gazebo, or day tent.

Another option is take one or two tarps with you to attach to a nearby tree, offering you an instant area of shady relief.

Cook your food outside

Using your oven and hob is just going to generate even more heat that you’ll need to try and get rid of. If you can, stick to cooking outside, using a camp stove or a bbq. Get everyone involved to make it more of a social event, and experience a bit more of a traditional camping vibe.

Another good tip, is to cook enough for the next day as well, saving you time and energy.

Take a fan with you

You can buy fans that run on 12 volts that you just plug into a cigarette lighter, which would run off your leisure battery, or if you’re staying somewhere with electric hook-up, take something a bit more substantial that you can plug into the wall.

A good idea I’ve used is to freeze a bottle of water and place it in front of the fan so that it blows cooler air around.

Take a water spray

You know, the sort of garden water spray you would use to water your indoor plants.

Fill one of those with water, put it in the fridge and voila, you’ve got your own instant cool spray.

Don’t forget the dog

If you are taking your dog with you don’t forget that, like cars, it is extremely dangerous to leave your dog in a hot motorhome.

Just because they have more space it doesn’t reduce the risk of them over-heating.

Cream up!

Be sensible and make sure you apply plenty of sun cream and avoid burning. It’s hot enough as it is. Don’t then set your skin on fire!

So as Jerry Springer used to say, look after yourselves, and each other.

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