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The perfectnights sleep

There are many questions to answer before deciding upon the preferred layout of your motorhome hire. At the top of that list is probably how many beds do you need, but a close second is do you want a fixed bed?

Not so long ago having a fixed bed meant having to compromise on something else within your motorhome, be it a larger seating area or increased length. Modern designs mean that that compromise is now diminishing and you’re able to select a layout with a fixed bed and still have ample space for lounging and storing.

Here are some perks to having a fixed bed.


To get a good night sleep you need to be comfortable, and to be comfortable you need a good mattress. That’s exactly what you get when you hire a motorhome with a fixed bed.

A fixed bed is just that, permanently fixed, and never has to be anything else. The mattress doesn’t have to be stowed, put away or be used as a seat cushion. It’s a proper bed mattress and is as comfortable as your bed at home.

Duvalay mattress

In 2015 Swift struck an exclusive partnership with the award winning motorhome and caravan bed specialists, Duvalay. They then produced the Duvalay’s Duvalite mattress , a lightweight Duvalite memory fiber mattress for all new Swift motorhomes. They say…

“The hypoallergenic material is as comfortable and pressure-relieving as memory foam; but provides additional temperature harmony and helps to eliminate heat retention. Durable and resilient, it is resistant to dust-mite and is 100% recyclable. Duvalite is also 35 percent lighter than regular mattresses, contributing to significant weight savings and increased fuel economy for caravan, motorhome, campervan, and boat users.”


Another huge perk of a fixed bed motorhome is the time it saves you. There’s not the hassle of having to convert the dinette area into a bed, positioning the cushions like a giant jigsaw and then fitting the sheets, every night and every morning.

When you’re ready to call it a night its all ready, duvet n’all, to welcome you into it’s cosy embrace.

Likewise, in the morning you just jump out and you’re ready to start your day.


When you have a rear fixed bed that also usually means that you get a good size storage garage.

Fixed beds are generally raised to the height of a normal bed, as opposed to a seating area that is lower down, and sometime raised even further and require access via a ladder.

This space is then utilised in the form of more storage space, either as a larger garage area, or directly under the bed itself.

The Zefiro 690 has a raised fixed rear bed resulting in a huge garage (with internal access), perfect for those with sporting equipment or child buggies.


Having a fixed bed doesn’t necessarily mean having to miss out on a large comfortable seating area. Many motorhomes on our fleet have fixed drop-down beds, which pull down from the ceiling as and when required.

As a permanent fixture, they too have the luxury duvalay mattress, and don’t require having to be made up each evening.

During the day you simply push it back up out of the way and can relax in a nice spacious lounge.

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