How to choose yourperfect motorhome

Picking the right motorhome

With so many different options and layouts to choose from how do you select the best motorhome or campervan for you and your needs? Here are the main things to consider when making your decision.

How many seatbelts do I need?

It is a legal requirement to have a seatbelt for every passenger during transit.  Therefore, the first thing to consider is the number of seatbelts you need for your party and eliminate those motorhomes that do not have enough.

How many people will be sleeping in the motorhome?

The second consideration will be who is sleeping in the motorhome and more importantly how many separate beds you need.

In general, men and boys prefer not to share beds and therefore the number of separate beds is as important as the number of berths a motorhome has.

You may also need to consider the mobility of those sleeping in the motorhome as some may not be able or willing to climb ladders to the overcab bed or the top bunk.

It is also worth noting that a fixed bed is more comfortable than a bed that converts out of a dinette.

Often parents with a couple of young children will go away in a 3 berth with the 2 toddlers sharing a single bed.

Storage – do you need to take a lot of equipment with you?

Some of the LandCruise motorhomes have bigger storage areas than others.  The following motorhome have large garages that go all the way under the rear double bed:

The F-Line 70 and 74, as well as the Zefiro 696 and Escape 502 have quite good storage areas.

Those motorhomes with lounge areas – have the smallest amount of storage facility, along with the Select 122 and VW California campervans.

Personal Taste

Once you have eliminated certain options out of necessity the rest is really down to personal preference. How do you intend on using it? What do you feel comfortable driving?

Different manufacturers

LandCruise Motorhome Hire owns 3 main ranges of motorhome. The Swift Escapes are from a British manufacturer that tailors their motorhomes for a British market. Principally they have larger seating areas than motorhomes manufactured outside of the UK, but this also means that beds need to be made up at night. The Swifts are equipped with ovens and microwaves.

We introduced Roller Teams to our fleet back in 2019 and we received some very positive feedback.  Produced in Italy, they focus their design on the larger family vehicle with space available to give you room to relax and entertain during the day, and ample sleeping space at night without having to make up your bed every day.

New to our fleet in 2022 is Auto-Trail. With a rich heritage, Auto-Trail is a quintessentially British brand known for its stylish and modern features. In recent years they have produced more affordable ranges without skimping on quality, and are known for their comfort and innovation.


Also in 2019 we expanded our fleet to include campervans for hire. They offer an altogether different route into the world of vehicular leisure. One that is more accessible to first time campers, allowing for a more similar driving experience to that of your own car.

The VW California is the ideal option for a group of friends, a couple, or a small family looking for an effortless holiday or getaway. Due to it’s compact nature the California has limited storage space, kitchen facilities and does not have a toilet or shower.

If you’re looking for the that perfect combination of handling and manoeuvrability of a VW camper, with the living space and features of a motorhome, then the Swift Select 122 is for you. It’s a panel conversion campervan that is slimmer than a regular motorhome and is only 6 metres in length.

Dog Friendly Roverhomes

LandCruise has a range of dog-friendly motorhomes that are reserved exclusively for pet owners.

There may be additional charges for more than one dog in our motorhomes and we’ll let you know when you’re booking if that applies.

We don’t recommend taking more than two dogs with you in our motorhomes.

View Dog Friendly Options

Other things to consider

AutoRoller 746 - overcab

Overcab Vs Low Profile

Overcabs accommodate more people as the living space extends over the driver cab.  They have more headroom inside.  The downside is that they are taller – generally around 10’ – and can cost more on Channel crossings and will face greater height restrictions on some car parks and bridges.

Low profile motorhomes have small storage compartments over the driver cab rather than a double bed.  They are a little more versatile than the overcabs.  They better suit couples and small families.

Motorhome Vs Campervan

The term motorhome and campervan is often used interchangeably, but there are differences.

The most notable being the size, features and the amount of home comforts found onboard.

The main difference to be aware of on our fleet is that the VW California camper is the only option that does not come with a toilet or shower.

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